In the simplest terms, CrossFit is an incredibly effective strength and conditioning program.

The CrossFit Method will prepare you for life and sport better than any other training regime in existence today. If there were another system that worked better we would steal it and use it at our gym.

A big Thank You!


From all of us at CrossFit Tokai we’d like to say a huge Thank You to everyone that contributed to making Dusty Hyland’s stay in Cape Town a memorable one. Nico, Alan, WOD Outside, African WOD Adventures, Quest Nutrition bars, Caffeine and Kilos, CrossFit D6, CrossFit Durbell, all the masters guys that braved the Southeaster and… Read more »

Bookings are heating up, book your spot NOW!


Just a heads up to those interested in attending either of the Dusty Hyland workshops later this year and/or the Dave Spitz weightlifting certification in December, the spaces are selling and selling fast so if you’re interested PLEASE let me know…otherwise you’re going to miss out. Email me to make your payment and reserve your place…. Read more »

US Coaches and Athletes coming to CrossFit Tokai!

Dusty bio

CrossFit Tokai is excited to announce the beginning of something very special. CrossFit Tokai has teamed up with African WOD Adventures to bring out some very cool coaches and one bad-ass athlete, Rob Blackwell, later this year for some workshops in November and a weightlifting certification seminar in December. SkillWOD and California Strength are coming… Read more »

Know Your Numbers


“My Fran time? I know it was under 12 minutes with somewhere between 45 and 95 lb. Does that help?” It’s next to impossible to find a CrossFit coach who hasn’t encountered this problem: the client who can’t supply a coach with a single number. He can’t tell the coach how much he can deadlift… Read more »

Hector dominates Plank Wars Part II


It took Hector only a few minutes to dismantle and ultimately destroy his fellow competitors in Plank Wars part II that took place at CrossFit Tokai this past weekend. The competition was fierce, but Hector dug deep and pulled out a win. Afterwards we sat down with Hector and asked him to share his strategy… Read more »

Warm-Ups, Flexibility and the Olympic Lifter


As every Olympic lifter fully understands, doing full snatches and clean and jerks requires a high degree of flexibility in every part of the body. All the major muscle groups and corresponding attachments are involved in the two competitive lifts: shoulder girdle, back, and hips and legs. A lack of flexibility in the shoulders will… Read more »

Fitness Through Sports?


Parents who want their kids to be active sign them up for sports, but early specialization and pressure to perform often take young athletes out of the game for life. Are athletes made by playing or training? At the 2014 NHL Scouting Combine, Sam Bennett couldn’t do a pull-up. The 17-year-old faced criticism from various… Read more »

CrossFit Tokai Kids


We’ve been talking about adding CrossFit Kids to the menu at CFT for some time now so we’re very pleased to say that it has finally happened. This past Saturday we had our first CFK class in the upstairs area at CFT and it ended up being a total blast for all the little kidos… Read more »

On the Shoulders of Giants


Rich Froning was high-fiving volunteers on the evening of July 26. It had been one of the longer days of competition, with athletes starting just after noon with the Muscle-Up Biathlon and ending around 9 p.m. with the Push Pull. Froning had spent the afternoon and evening digging out of a hole created by a… Read more »

CFT goes Gangsta!


Just a few of the homies at CFT representn’ Gangsta style….Say what….Boom! Mama-G kickin it old school with some serious bling…